The Bavarian Yankee

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The Bavarian Yankee is a well-written, 295-page, soft-cover novel authored by Pascale Thompson, the wife of Brian Thompson. (Brian, NI6Q, is an active AMer in California and quite well known.) The book is very well written and holds a reader’s interest until the very last page.
By Wayne Spring, W6IRD: “The Bavarian Yankee is a book that takes place in Europe at the end of WWII. It is not a blood and guts war story, or a plain love story. It shows the human side of the American soldier in dealing with the German people after the hostilities were over and how an American falls in love with a young local German girl. She is not only beautiful, but also diplomatic and speaks three languages; all of which play an instrumental part in securing cooperation between the Germans and Russians with the Americans.

“It also deals with the radio communications equipment of the day and it’s important role in the war. The intrigue in this postwar story keeps the reader involved. I believe Electric Radio readers will enjoy the book. The story has merit because the primary soldier in the story is based on the father of a local ham.”

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