Surviving Technology

In the “Download” area on our home page, there is a PDF file of the “Surviving Technology” review that originally appeared in the December 2011 issue.

Surviving Technology, by Bruce Vaughan (NR5Q, SK), has been unavailable since shortly after Mr. Vaughan’s passing in December 2012 and has been frequently requested. By special arrangement, we have found the original files and now Bruce’s wonderful book is once again available in a quality new printing.
Long-Time ER readers are familiar with Bruce Vaughan’s 71 popular articles that appeared in Electric Radio over the years. Quoting from the introduction,

“This Book is Respectfully Dedicated to the Memory of Major Edwin Howard Armstrong. Major Armstrong’s inventions moved radio from a limited method of communication into a practical science that enriched the lives of people worldwide. We cannot turn on a TV, pick up a cell phone, or listen to the radio without using his inventions. His entire life was spent fighting those who attempted, quite successfully for years, to steal his life’s work. Among his many inventions are Regenerative and Super Regenerative receivers, the Superheterodyne circuit, and FM radio.”

In 223 pages and 31 chapters, Bruce tells the story of his life in radio, and describes in detail his regenerative receivers, including the most-asked-for receiver in part 4, “Building the Ultimate Receiver:”

Building the Ultimate Receiver: You say you want to build the “Ultimate” regenerative receiver? In 7 detailed parts, Bruce gives you a blow-by-blow description, including schematics, of all the secrets needed to build a successful regenerative receiver. The “Ultimate” is amazingly straightforward, stoutly built, and Bruce provides all the details to successfully build your own based on his 60 years of experience


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