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Effective September 2021, Electric Radio became a bi-monthly publication with 6 issues-per-year. By reader’s request, we are returning the magazine to regular full-size issues.

Due to increasing costs of printing and mailing, the subscription rates have changed again, April 2024.

New subscribers can get the current issue of Electric Radio now when you order an annual subscription!

If you’re already a subscriber, we will renew your subscription right away! New or renewing subscribers can begin by selecting your subscription rate option in the box just below (“Choose an Option”), then continue by clicking on the purple “Subscribe Now” box.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure that your renewal or subscription order does go to PayPal to complete your order before closing your session with us!

NOTE: Now that there are 6 yearly issues, here are the new rates as of 3/8/22:

US periodical-class subscriptions are $28.00, and may take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to arrive after mailing due to post office operations,

US 1st-class rate subscriptions are $34.00 and are mailed in an envelope and delivery time is usually 4 to 7 days,

Canadian subscription rates will be back to $54.00 as of 10/1/22.

All other overseas subscriptions are now $70.00 due to expensive mailing costs.


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