Shortwave Receivers, Past and Present

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This is the excellent 4th edition (2nd printing, November 2015) of Fred Osterman’s wonderful receiver book!

This is not just an update of the previous editions, but is actually a serious rewrite that follows the same format and layout as before, but with much more information than ever before.

It’s more like an encyclopedia than a simple reference guide because it’s now an 800 page, hardback book packed with good information that weighs a little over 6 pounds, covering the important era from 1942 to 2013 in 376 chapters.

Readers may wonder why they would need a book on receivers when some of the information may be found on the Internet. As Mr. Osterman points out, the problem with Internet resources is that most of them come and go because the sites are privately owned. If the owner disappears, so does the site and all of the information. A quality hardbound printed volume will last as long as it’s taken care of.

The book details over 1700 receivers that have been made by 360 worldwide manufacturers, with over 1000 new entries since the 3rd edition. I especially enjoyed all of the information on equipment produced in Europe and elsewhere outside of the US because a lot of this data is scarce and hard to find. Readers should find it to be a real learning experience.

As mentioned, the format is the same as in previous editions, giving the receiver type, a photo, the date originally sold, size and weight, important features of the equipment, specifications, information regarding previous reviews, new and used values, model variants, and finally the availability, plus new and used equipment values.

There is nothing else like this receiver book, you will not be disappointed!


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