ER #90, October 1996


Issue Contents

0K1YJK (1961),Photographs of Hams
2Dream Receiver, My (BC-348)Geipel,Military
4Road from QMR to Fair Radio's Catalog, TheTeeters ,Military
9Recompensating Old Oscillators to Minimize DriftBurger,Miscellaneous - Technical
10Nostaligia - A Simple Single-Tube TransmitterGoodman,Transmitters
12Hamfest Station Airs Despite HurricaneCourson,Miscellaneous - General
15Mechanical Filter for the Collins 51J4, A 6KHzMacDonald,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
16N4TUA,Photographs of Hams
16WA2CWAWB2FOU,Photographs of Hams
16WA2IFSWB2FOU ,Photographs of Hams
17W3WDF,Photographs of Hams
18Product Detector for the HRO-60, ACummings,Construction
20Mercury Relay Break-In for the Classic CW StationHanlon,Construction
28Modulator, A Flea Market, Affordable High Power AMBerkemeyer,Construction
301936 Style Breadboard Transmitter, ABlaize,Construction
39 Sventlana 4CX400A High Performance Tetrode,Reviews


ER #90, October 1996

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