ER #88, August 1996

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Issue Contents

0K2DK,Photographs of Hams
2AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
4Alfred H. Grebe: First Manufacturer of Amateur Short Wave ReceiversGrinder,Companies and Individuals
10Coherer Detector, The, Part 3Dennison,Receivers
15Central Electronics 100V and 200V, Observations onTalbott,Modifications
18Heathkits That Weren't, Part Four, The HD-1781 RotatorKaeding,Miscellaneous - Technical
20Why AM?Jenson,Miscellaneous - General
21WA0LEU,Photographs of Hams
24Transcom M-II 10Raymond,Transmitters
28AM-141 = 2KW From the BC-610/T-368Teeters,Military
30National HRO-500, TheKuraner,Receivers


ER #88, August 1996

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