ER #85, May 1996

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Issue Contents

0WB6IQN,Photographs of Hams
2Book Review - Transmitters, Exciters & Power AmplifiersHanlon,Reviews
3AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
4Collins R-389/URR Receiver, The, Part 1Osterwald,Military
10Hallicrafters HT-17, TheHarris,Transmitters
16N4VIBW2IQ,Photographs of Hams
16WD5EOG,Photographs of Hams
17NY5Z,Photographs of Hams
17W7QZO,Photographs of Hams
18Siltronix Comanche, The, A 10-Meter MysteryBerkemeyer,Transceivers
20HQ-170, The, Another Bargin ReceiverBrownstein,Receivers
24Heathkits That Weren't, Part One, The SB-670 Antenna TunerKaeding,Miscellaneous - Technical
26AN/GRC-13, Field Radio SetRyan,Military
30Modulator for the Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter, AKelly,Construction
33Pile, TheRunyan,Miscellaneous - General


ER #85, May 1996

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