ER #80 December 1995


Issue Contents

3Second Annual AMI Thanksgiving Bash in ColoradoWiseman,Contests
3Classic Radio Featured in New Video,Miscellaneous - General
4SB-34 Transceiver, TheHutchens,Transceivers
12Fiebich Papers: New Insights into Heathkit, ThePenson,Companies and Individuals
16W9HLQ,Photographs of Hams
17WA7NPA,Photographs of Hams
17WB4TGBW2IQ,Photographs of Hams
18Filament Winding for the Microwave Transformer, ABerkemeyer,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
20TCK-4 Mad Dog'sMiller,Transmitters
21KD6TKX,Photographs of Hams
24Heathkit Manuals, Part 2Hruza,Miscellaneous - General
262AP1 2 Monitor ScopeIshmael,Construction
32Taylor Special (Nostalgia'35), TheTaylor,Transmitters
W4PNM,Photographs of Hams


ER #80 December 1995

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