ER #79, November 1995

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Issue Contents

0VE3HC,Photographs of Hams
3AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
4Speech Amplifier For Everyone, AMottes ,Audio and Modulation
6W1CKI,Photographs of Hams
7Source for HV Transformers, ABerkemeyer ,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
8TMC GPR-92 Receiver, TheSpivack,Receivers
10R-326 Receiver, TheSteila,Military
14Station Accessory Extraordinaire, The MonitoneBuchanan ,Miscellaneous - Technical
16W8VYZ (Ashtabula Bill),Photographs of Hams
16WB6MYL,Photographs of Hams
17WA0BGL,Photographs of Hams
17WB9OVV,Photographs of Hams
18Running Dynamotors With Computer Grade SupplieDowns,Military
20National NC-100 Receiver Family, TheHanlon,Receivers
28VT-Type Vacuum Tubes, Signal CorpsHruza,Military
30Rebuilding the W1JEO-Edmunds SSB ExciterTeeters ,Single Sideband
31W1JEO,Photographs of Hams
32Thinking Ahead (GPT-750 Transmitter),Miscellaneous - General
342nd Annual AMI Thanksgiving Day Bash,Contests


ER #79, November 1995

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