ER #78, October 1995


Issue Contents

0W6SKC (1952),Photographs of Hams
3Heinz Gronemeier, WD8QVDWerner,Silent Keys
4Radio Kon-TikiHanlon,Miscellaneous - General
9My First StationHollander,Miscellaneous - General
9N7RK (WN6IWX 1964),Photographs of Hams
10R-390A Contract/Order Number Update No.3Locklear,Military
12Radio Amateur's Holodeck, ATullen,Companies and Individuals
14William Howard Ordnance Technical Intelligence Museum, TheLakin,Military
16KU6XK6PFW,Photographs of Hams
16VE2MP,Photographs of Hams
17W0WIWA0LEU,Photographs of Hams
17WA4OIDW2IQ,Photographs of Hams
18Heathkit Manuals, Part 1Hruza,Miscellaneous - General
20Homemade Greeting CardsDennison ,Miscellaneous - General
22Measuring Distortion in AM TransmittersBurger,Transmitters
24WB6VMI,Photographs of Hams
25Burger's Viking II Modification (Audio Feedback)Burger,Modifications
26RME-9D Single Signal Super, ThePetrich,Receivers
29Book Review - Lew McCoy on Antennas Book ReviewWiseman,Reviews
29Book Review - The Pocket Guide to Collins Radio Equipment 1946 to 1980 Book ReviewWiseman,Reviews
29Book Review - The Zenith Trans-Oceanic, The Royalty of RadioBook ReviewWiseman,Reviews
29Book Review - Tube Type Transmitters GuideBook ReviewWiseman,Reviews
30Adventurer, The E.F. Johnson VikingIshmael,Transmitters
32Heath HX-10 Marauder Transmitter Story, MyHarris,Transmitters


ER #78, October 1995

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