ER #75, July 1995


Issue Contents

0K7DU,Photographs of Hams
3W0IWV,Photographs of Hams
3Art Robinson, W0IWVWiseman,Silent Keys
4Command Set Transceivers, On the Air WithHanlon,Military
10Modulation, Series CathodeBerkemeyer,Construction
12Book Review - The Best of BeasleyWiseman,Reviews
14Butler (PA) Breezeshooters 41st Annual HamfestHevener,Hamfests/Conventions
15Antennas at N0BD, TheWiseman,Antennas
16HA-7 100KHz Crystal Calibrator, TheIshmael,Miscellaneous - Technical
20KF8KS,Photographs of Hams
20NE0C,Photographs of Hams
21K7VZP,Photographs of Hams
21KB7AUH,Photographs of Hams
21KB7LOQ,Photographs of Hams
21N6DM,Photographs of Hams
22Running MobileMeadows,Miscellaneous - General
24Fifty Cent Filter - or - How I Met Bob, TheMiccolis,Miscellaneous - General
26Rig of My Own, A UniqueCummings,Transmitters
28AM Transmitter, A Most UnusualCarroll,Construction
30Nomenclature Systems, WWII, Part TwoMote,Military
34Book Review - RCA Lies and Fiction, A Review of (With Excerpts)Wiseman,Reviews

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