ER #71, March 1995


Issue Contents

0K5BZH,Photographs of Hams
2Rare Valve Saga, ABipes,Miscellaneous - General
3AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
4AN/URC-35A, TheTullen,Military
8Handy Gate Dip Oscillator, AHutchens,Construction
12Taylor Tube TransmitterBerkemeyer,Transmitters
14End Point Adjustment For Collins 51J4 Receiver VFOMaloney,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
16K7OBB,Photographs of Hams
16KB8GU,Photographs of Hams
17AB7B,Photographs of Hams
17N9CQX,Photographs of Hams
18R-390A Contract/Order Number UpdateLocklear,Military
20Barker & Williamson 6100, TheKing,Transmitters
26Hewlett-Packard 400D VTVM, TheMiska,Test Equipment
28N8WGW,Photographs of Hams
29Collins KWM-2, Cooling theIshmael,Modifications
32Old Federal 167B, TheShutt,Transmitters
N9GT,Photographs of Hams


ER #71, March 1995

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