ER #70, February 1995


Issue Contents

0N6FEG,Photographs of Hams
3AMI UpdateFirey,AM International
4History of the U.S. Navy's Type TBL Transmitter, TheHalverson,Military
5WA6OPEKrelle ,Photographs of Hams
8Japanese Army 94-5 Receiver RestorationLakin,Military
12Simplex Short Wave Radio, TheDennison,Construction
18ER 160 Meter Contest ResultsWiseman,Contests
22075A-4 Rejection Notch StabilityOsterwald,Modifications
24Updating That R-390A, Improved Current Regulator And Noise Limiter, AnKleronomos,Modifications
28RF AttenuatorsThomason,Construction
30Hallicrafters HT-40, TheIshmael,Transmitters
34Armed Forces Day Celebration by Westcoast GroupSammons,Military
34KD6IDO,Photographs of Hams
34N6CC,Photographs of Hams
34N6FEG,Photographs of Hams
34N6TNF,Photographs of Hams
34WA6OPEKrelle,Photographs of Hams
35KD6IDO,Photographs of Hams
35N6CC,Photographs of Hams


ER #70, February 1995

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