ER #7, November 1989


Issue Contents

0W0YDX,Photographs of Hams
2W0YDX,Photographs of Hams
3Foster, John, W0YDX, Designer of Classics: The Collins KW-1 and the Johnson 500Green,Companies and Individuals
7Vacuum Tube Addict, TheSauer,Companies and Individuals
7WA9ASZ,Photographs of Hams
8AN/ART-13, ER In UniformHutchens ,Military
9WA6THD (Operating K6HV),Photographs of Hams
17Lester, Les, K6HQIWiseman,Companies and Individuals
17K6HQI,Photographs of Hams
20Flrst Draft of a Petition for Rulemaking Regarcling AM Power ReductionScott,Regulations
24K0AQO,Photographs of Hams
24W0DOZ,Photographs of Hams
24WA0FBQ,Photographs of Hams
24WB0SUJ,Photographs of Hams
24WB5BMD,Photographs of Hams
24WD0ALN,Photographs of Hams
25W0CXX (QSL Card)K6HV,Photographs of Hams
25WA5VLZ,Photographs of Hams
27Book Review -A Review of the Book Communications ReceiversWiseman,Reviews


ER #7, November 1989

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