ER #64, August 1994

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Issue Contents

3Equipment Industry Code Proposal Could Push AM Off HF BandsChester,Regulations
4Communication Equipment of the North D-Day ReenactmentHevener,Military
4W8KBF,Photographs of Hams
61994 Summer Hamfest Tour, TheHutchens,Hamfests/Conventions
11AB6XK,Photographs of Hams
11N6KYR,Photographs of Hams
12Station Controller for SWL's, ANovinger,Construction
151994 Fall Classic Radio Exchange: September 25-26, 1900 UTC to 0400 UTCWiseman,Contests
15Struggle for Freedom - 50th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden, TheWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
16K8NGV,Photographs of Hams
16WA8KJJ,Photographs of Hams
17KA9CWK,Photographs of Hams
17KC4MOP,Photographs of Hams
18Beware of Lethal VoltagesMeadows,Miscellaneous - General
20Putting the 75A-3 on AMPetrich,Modifications
23WA9MZU,Photographs of Hams
23WA9MZU's Western Electric StationWiseman,Transmitters
24Western Electric Transmitter Collection at W6HDU, TheThompson/Staples,Transmitters
25W6BM,Photographs of Hams
25W6HDU,Photographs of Hams
28Saving an Old Broadcast Transmitter (Collins 20K)Staples,Transmitters
32Collins 516F-2 Relay Modifications - RevisitedThomason,Modifications
33Gold D-104 Story, AMcClelland,Miscellaneous - General
33KB0LNV/AA,Photographs of Hams


 ER #64, August 1994

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