ER #60, April 1994


Issue Contents

0W5PYT,Photographs of Hams
2W5PYT,Photographs of Hams
3AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
4BC-654 Transmitter / Receiver, ER in UniformHutchens,Military
10Mechanical Design of Collins Amateur Equipment, Part 3Johnson,Companies and Individuals
14Leo Meyerson Display at Western Heritage, An UpdateWiseman,Miscellaneous - General
16KE8QG,Photographs of Hams
16W0PW,Photographs of Hams
17KJ4KV,Photographs of Hams
17N3DRB,Photographs of Hams
17VE3UP/W8,Photographs of Hams
17WA3YXN,Photographs of Hams
17WB3CTC,Photographs of Hams
18Japanese Army Transmitter: Model 94-5Lakin,Military
20T-807,A Compact 50 Watt RigDennison,Construction
30Antenna Null Meter, TheRoehm,Construction
34Challenger, The E.F. Johnson VikingIshmael,Transmitters


ER #60, April 1994

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