ER #54, October 1993


Issue Contents

0WB3HUZ/3,Photographs of Hams
2History of American Call Signs, APerkins,Miscellaneous - Operating
3AM International Update (Discovery Weekend)Gagnon ,AM International
4GRC-109 HF Radio Set, The, ER in UniformKearman,Military
10Special Event Station Adds to Classic Radio HistoryCourson,Miscellaneous - Operating
11K3EWZ,Photographs of Hams
11K3ZRF,Photographs of Hams
11N2INR,Photographs of Hams
11N2QEI,Photographs of Hams
11N3DRB,Photographs of Hams
11NY2H,Photographs of Hams
11W2IPI,Photographs of Hams
11WA2VMO,Photographs of Hams
11WA3VJB,Photographs of Hams
11WA3WBC,Photographs of Hams
11WB3FAU,Photographs of Hams
11WB3HUZ,Photographs of Hams
14Thermionic MysteriesOsterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
16Annual Southeastern Division SwapmeetHoward,Hamfests/Conventions
17K4JBJ,Photographs of Hams
17W2IQ,Photographs of Hams
17W4PNM,Photographs of Hams
17WA4KCY,Photographs of Hams
19Classic Exchange InformationWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Audio Mania, GoodHalverson,Audio and Modulation
24T-8040 - A Homebrew 80 and 40 Meter Transmitter, Part TwoHutchens,Construction


ER #54, October 1993

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