ER #53, September 1993


Issue Contents

0K7INK,Photographs of Hams
1N6CSW,Photographs of Hams
2S-Meter Report.. What does it Mean, ThePetrich,Miscellaneous - Technical
4Gonset G-76 Transceiver, TheHutchens,Transceivers
10Regenerative Receiver for the Beginner, AHoward,Construction
14W7MBR,Photographs of Hams
14WB7VON/0,Photographs of Hams
15FlHSH,Photographs of Hams
15W6UBM,Photographs of Hams
18Passive Noise SuppressionScharf,Construction
20Russian Connection: Military Aircraft Radios, TheRyan,Military
26T-368 ModificationsDudan,Modifications
28Ivo's Mighty FleapowerHanlon,Construction


ER #53, September 1993

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