ER #52, August 1993


Issue Contents

0W3ONE,Photographs of Hams
2Rock IV: The Ultimate ChallengeCourson ,Miscellaneous - Operating
2N2INR,Photographs of Hams
2WA3VJB,Photographs of Hams
2WB3HUZ,Photographs of Hams
4T-368 Exciter As a QRP Rig, TheRoehm,Modifications
10National SW-3, TheHanlon,Receivers
15HB9AQS,Photographs of Hams
18AM Filter for the 75A-4 Receiver, AKeogh,Modifications
19From the Editor: Obituary of Clarence Zener Inventor of Zener DiodeWiseman,Silent Keys
20Report From KoreaGreen,Miscellaneous - General
23Indianapolis HamfestBogart,Hamfests/Conventions
23K9OVP,Photographs of Hams
23KA9BGS,Photographs of Hams
23KA9CWK,Photographs of Hams
23W4MDY,Photographs of Hams
23W8GNV,Photographs of Hams
23W9BZ,Photographs of Hams
23W9PSD,Photographs of Hams
23WA8JIW,Photographs of Hams
23WA9EEC,Photographs of Hams
24Lettine Model 240 Transmitter, Restoring aTajima,Transmitters
26Heath IP-32 Power SupplyIshmael,Miscellaneous - Technical
28Stereo Amplifier, A Premier Quality Homebrew, Part ThreeKleronomos,Construction


ER #52, August 1993

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