ER #51, July 1993


Issue Contents

0K6HQI,Photographs of Hams
2Tube Manufacturing Ends in the Western HemisphereWiseman2,Miscellaneous - General
3AMI NewsGagnon,AM International
4T-8040 - A Homebrew 80 and 40 Meter Transmitter, Part 1Hutchens,Construction
10Audio, Good, Part ThreeStaples,Audio and Modulation
14Armed Forces Day at Fort BurnsideGagnon,Military
15AJ1G,Photographs of Hams
15KAlGON,Photographs of Hams
15KK1K,Photographs of Hams
15WA1NZR,Photographs of Hams
16Notes on the 6AG7/6L6Ishmael,Miscellaneous - Technical
18QRST System, TheRoehm,Miscellaneous - Operating
19Heathkit Users Net to Start in October,Miscellaneous - Operating
19Vintage CW Net, The,Miscellaneous - Operating
19WB6TMY,Photographs of Hams
20Drake 2B Receiver, TheDoherty,Receivers
24K0OJ,Photographs of Hams
24K6JAD,Photographs of Hams
24K7DU,Photographs of Hams
24K8MLV/0,Photographs of Hams
24N0CFF,Photographs of Hams
24W0AEE,Photographs of Hams
24W0IWV,Photographs of Hams
25KB4VR,Photographs of Hams
25W3BYM,Photographs of Hams
28Stereo Amplifier, A Premier Quality Homebrew, Part TwoKleronomos,Construction


ER #51, July 1993

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