ER #50, June 1993


Issue Contents

0HB9LCI,Photographs of Hams
2K5MZH,Photographs of Hams
2K5SWK,Photographs of Hams
2Koby, K5MZH,Silent Keys
3Superheterodyne Receiver, A Two-TubeFritsch,Receivers
4ARC-39 Transceiver, The, ER in UniformHutchens ,Military
10Audio, Good, Part TwoStaples,Audio and Modulation
14W0ARZ,Photographs of Hams
14W0SCU,Photographs of Hams
15K6PFW,Photographs of Hams
15KU6X,Photographs of Hams
15NU6H,Photographs of Hams
15WD4AYS,Photographs of Hams
16Crystals for Use in Amateur Transmitters, Variable FrequencyLevine,Miscellaneous - Technical
1875A-4, Improved Audio for the CollinsBeatty,Modifications
19Drake Tube and Antique Radio Net,Miscellaneous - Operating
19KB8IZX,Photographs of Hams
20Transmitter Metering for the BlindHouston,Miscellaneous - Technical
23Antenna, InstantGreen,Antennas
24Heath AT-1, Rebuilding theIshmael,Transmitters
28Stereo Amplifier, A Premier Quality Homebrew, Part OneKleronomos,Construction
33Mix the Old and the New (Internet)Brewer,Miscellaneous - General


ER #50, June 1993

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