ER #48, April 1993

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Issue Contents

0K0EOO/6,Photographs of Hams
2Evaluating SSB With the Air ForceMeyerson,Military
3W0GFQ,Photographs of Hams
4R-8040 - - A Homebrew 80 and 40-Meter Receiver, Part TwoHutchens,Receivers
10DX-100: Heathkits Big Gun, ThePenson,Transmitters
14W2HBE,Photographs of Hams
14AM Rig For 160 & 75, AnDennison,Transmitters
18AM International UpdateGognon,AM International
19Establishing a Presence on 15 - MetersBrownstein,Miscellaneous - Operating
19How About WAS Awards?Wiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
19U.S/Far East Net ProposedTajima,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Electronic TR Switch, The VintagePetrich,Miscellaneous - Technical
26NC-303 Receiver, Aligning TheBrownstein,Receivers
28W6PSS,Photographs of Hams
30Book Review - Oscilloscopes, Selecting and Restoring a ClassicGriffiths,Reviews
34 Armed Forces Day Military RAdio Contest, Sponsored by AM International,Contests


ER #48, April 1993

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