ER #47, March 1993

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Issue Contents

0KA8STS,Photographs of Hams
2Medium Wave DX is Alive and WellViele,Miscellaneous - Operating
4R-8040 - - A Homebrew 80-and 40-Meter Receiver, Part OneHutchens,Receivers
10Collins 75A-Series, A Legacy of High Ouality, The, Part 6, 75A-4 Modifications SummaryOsterwald,Receivers
16Two-Tube VFO-Controlled Transmitter, A SimpleGeipel,Construction
18Vintage Sideband Net, A Report OnCluck,Miscellaneous - Operating
18N5SWO,Photographs of Hams
19Military Radio Contest, May 15Wiseman,Contests
19More Logs From the 160/10 Meter Contest on Christmas WeekendWiseman,Contests
1915-Meter AM Operation.. A SuggestionBrown,Miscellaneous - Operating
19AM on VHF, A Letter From WB3IZXBruno,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Get Started in Radio for $3.50Dennison,Construction
23Heathkit, My Last (?)Ishmael,Miscellaneous - General
24Radio of Today and Tomorrow, Part 3Sarnoff (Reprint),Miscellaneous - Technical
26KI5DT,Photographs of Hams
26W4KKO,Photographs of Hams
27KB9R,Photographs of Hams
27N8CLZ,Photographs of Hams
28Silver 701,TheHanlon,Transmitters


ER #47, March 1993

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