ER #43, November 1992


Issue Contents

0KF7VA,Photographs of Hams
3Timeline Introduction of Collins Amateur EquipmentOsterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
4May Transceiver, The, ER in UniformHutchens,Military
10Collins 75A-Series, A Legacy of High Ouality, The, Part 3, the 75A-2 and the 1950'sOsterwald,Receivers
14Geloso G222-TR TransmitterPetrich,Transmitters
18Changes to Real Audio for the R-390AKleronomos,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Fasteners, Magnetic For RestorationSmith,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18TM's, Ordering From NTISDowns,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Transformer RestorationRichardson,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Tubes, RadioactiveMetz,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
1915-Meter Week ResultsWiseman,Contests
19Radio Technique (Correction)Wiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
19Vintage CW Net Changes TimeWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
206AG7/6L6 25W CW TransmitterIshmael,Construction
23Plexiglass, Note on Working WithIshmael ,Miscellaneous - General
24National Co. Alumni Dinner, ThMaier,Companies and Individuals
25W1HRW,Photographs of Hams
25W1JEL,Photographs of Hams
25W1OOP,Photographs of Hams
25K1YZW,Photographs of Hams
25W1EU,Photographs of Hams
26W1EWL,Photographs of Hams
26W1MXC,Photographs of Hams
26W1NYU,Photographs of Hams
27W1NRY,Photographs of Hams
27WA1NJG,Photographs of Hams
28W1MFZ,Photographs of Hams
28W1PIJ,Photographs of Hams
29W1HSV,Photographs of Hams
29W1JOX,Photographs of Hams
29W1OEX,Photographs of Hams
29WB2EDS (ex - W1QPQ),Photographs of Hams
30Morrow, Ray, and Morrow Radio, The Story ofAdlard,Companies and Individuals
31W7AWE,Photographs of Hams
34AB7B,Photographs of Hams
34K8BZZ,Photographs of Hams
35WA2AXT,Photographs of Hams
35AF7D,Photographs of Hams


ER #43, November 1992

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