ER #404, July/August 2024


Issue Contents

2An 813 Power Tube Test FixtureGary Steinbaugh, AF8L
9From Bicycles to Megacycles: K8DJT and W9LRSAndy Sacks, W8PIX
15The AWA AM QSO Party, September 2024Joe Fell, W3GMS
16The Uncommon R-725, Part 2Paolo Viappiani,
24The R-725 Cover-UpChuck Teeters, W4MEW, SK
28The WWII-Era Learradio UT-6 TransmitterCharlie Liberto, W4MEC
43July 2024 AM International UpdateJohn McGrath, W9AMI
43Vintage NetsER Readers,
44Classified AdvertisinqER Readers,