ER #4, August 1989


Issue Contents

0K6HV,Photographs of Hams
2KJ4KV,Photographs of Hams
3Classic Military Radios, An Introduction to, ER in UniformHutchens,Military
7Collins Company, Conversations About the,with Bill Stewart, K6HV, and Roy Olson, WA6THDWiseman,Companies and Individuals
8Faithful Reproduction: How to use an RF linear amplifier with an AM transmitterKleronomos,Amplifiers
10Ultimate Scrounge, TheGreen,Miscellaneous - General
11K7YOO,Photographs of Hams
12Home for Homeless Hallicrafters, ADachis,Miscellaneous - General
14W4KYL,Photographs of Hams
14W9CNI,Photographs of Hams
15W3BPZ,Photographs of Hams
15W8KGI,Photographs of Hams
20Some Notes on the Ranger I TransmitterSwynar,Transmitters
24Primary PowerRideout ,Miscellaneous - Technical


ER #4, August 1989

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