ER #398, July/August 2023


Issue Contents

21 MHz Crystal Calibrator for the Hallicrafters S-107 ReceiverDave Ishmael, WA6VVL
4The Heathkit DX-35 and VF-1: Reconstructing Two Classics, Part 1Steve Reed, KW4H
14Converting the Hammarlund SP-600JX to a SP-600JX-21A, Part 2Paolo Viappiani,
24Verifying the Condition of Vintage Vacuum Tubes: A Homebrew Transconductance TesterRob Vincent, K1DFT
33On the Bench: Painting Tips and Microphone AdaptersW4OP and W4MEC,
36PhotosLarry Latinen, W7JYJ
42Article Update: R/C Snubbers in the Heath AT-1Alan Victor, W4AMV
43Non-Typical Tubes in Amateur Radio EquipmentGeorge Misic, KE8RN
47Vintage NetsER Readers,
48Event Calendar: The AWA AM QSO PartyJoe Fell, W3GMS
50Classified Advertising: Vintage Equipment!ER Readers,