ER #397, May/June 2023

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Issue Contents

2The Parallel 807 TransmitterTom Marcellino, W3BYM
7Rebuilding the Layayette KT-135 Explor-Air ReceiverDave Ishmael, WA6VVL
17Rescuing a Little One: The Layayette KT-135 Explor-Air ReceiverChuck Teeters, W4MEW, SK
18A "Mate for the Mighty Midget" ReceiverScott Freeberg, WA9WFA
26How's Your Q, Old Man?Mike Murphy, WU2D
34A Passband Tuning System for Homebrew Superhet ReceiversRay Osterwald, NØDMS
38The TinySA Spectrum Analyzer as an Interference FinderPhil Legate, ACØOB
40Converting the Hammarlund SP-600JX to a SP-600JX-21A, Part 1Paolo Viappiani,
45On The Bench: The Mosley CM-1 ReceiverDave Ishmael, Jim Miccolis, WA6VVL and N2EY
47Hamfest CalendarER Readers,
33Vintage NetsER Readers,
48Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,