ER #395, January/February 2023


Issue Contents

2The BC-1206 Receiver, Part 2 ConclusionJoe Long, WA2EJT
13AWA John Rollins Memorial CW/AM DX EventJoe Fell, W3GMS
14Simple Neon Peak Modulation IndicatorsPhil Legate, ACØOB
14Testing 4CX250 Power Tubes with the TV-7 Tube TesterJeff Huselid, WB6ZBX
16Short Circuits: ER Article CorrectionER Readers,
17Aligning EF Johnson Pacemaker Transmitter Audio CircuitsLee Craner, WB6SSW
21The Care and Feeding of Electrolytic CapacitorsDave Ishmael, WA6VVL
22What is this "ESR," Anyway?Ray Osterwald, NØDMS
24Vintage NetsER Readers,
25R-390A Part 6: Factory Mods, Upgrades, and Production ChangesPaolo Viappiani,
35Changes at AM InternationalJohn McGrath, N9AMI
36A More "Valiant" Viking ValiantJanis Carson, AB2RA
42Swan Audio Output Transformer ReplacementBill Weinel, W4WHW
44ER MailbagER Readers,
45PhotosAl Feder, W1UX
48Classified Advertising: Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,