ER #394, November/December 2022


Issue Contents

2A Pulse-Counting FM Broadcast ReceiverBrian White, KA1TBQ
9A Simple Capacitor Checker: but BE CAREFUL!Electric Radio,
10Fixing a Hallicrafters SX-62ATom Lewis, N4TL
13R-390A Curiosities: Part 5 ConclusionPaolo Viappiani,
20Electric Radio in Uniform: The BC-1206 Receiver, Part 1Joe Long, WA2EJT
28The Third Annual Hammarlund Radio HullabalooJerry Robinson, N4KJ
29Vintage NetsER Readers,
30 ,
32Update: The R-390A's CV-1982 SSB Adapter and Leonard KahnPaolo Viappiani,
37The Hallicrafters Model S-107 ReceiverDave Ishmael, WA6VVL
44The "Box," A Station AccessoryCharlie Liberto, W4MEC
47Classified Advertising: Vintage Equipment!ER Readers,