ER #393, September/October 2022


Issue Contents

3The E.F. Johnson Invader: Replacing the VFO Pinion GearPat Griffin, AA4PG
8The Not So "Valiant" Viking ValiantPhil Legate, ACØOB
14Homebrew Showcase: The Acorn Tube ExciterAlan Victor, W4AMV
23Short Circuits: Article CorrectionDon Casillo,
24R-390A Curiosities, Part 5: The R-390 Family Receiver ComparisonsPaolo Viappiani,
35ER Mailbag: Results with the Tiny SA Spectrum AnalyzerHiroshi Ogawa,
38Modulating the "T5" Transmitter; A Homebrew AM ModulatorRichard Manner, KGØXO
42Product Review: New KD7DYY Modulation Monitor KitJanis Carson, 42
46Classified Advertising: Vintage Equipment!ER Readers,