ER #392, July/August 2022


Issue Contents

2Recreating the 1932 Collins CW TransmitterGary Halverson, K6GLH
5The McCoy Low Cost TransmitterDavid Varn, KM6RI
20R-390A Curiosities, Part 4: Non-Standard Panel Colors, Digital BFO Knobs, Security Dial Covers, etc.Paolo Viappiani,
30Addendum: HRO-60 Coil AlignmentSteve Reed, KW4H
31Tackling an HQ-180A and its Wafer Switch AssemblySteve Reed, KW4H
41ER Mailbag: 1920's Pocket Telephone!John Dilks, K2TQN
42Hamfest Calendar: California HRS Radio DayTom Bonomo, K6AD
43The Mackay Marine Radio Model 3005-BTom Harris,
46Vintage NetsER Readers,
47Classified AdvertisingER Readers,