ER #390, March/April 2022


Issue Contents

2R-390A Curiosities Part 3: Product Detector ConclusionPaolo Viappiani,
102022 Electric Radio Heavy Metal Rally ReportER Readers,
12ER Mailbag: WWII Transmit AdaptersDave Gordon-Smith, G3UUR
16Evolution of the Drake TR-3/TR-4 Transceiver Series: Part 2Jeff Covelli, WA8SAJ
21An Incredibly Simple Way to Calculate L and CDave Gordon-Smith, G3UUR
26Rediscovering the Classic 813 AmplifierJohn Raydo, KØIZ
38A Young Ham's Success StoryJoe Fell, W3GMS
39Before there was a Silicon Valley, there was a Vacuum Valley!Al Helfrick, K2BLA
48Vintage NetsER Readers,
49Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment!ER Readers,