ER #389, January/February 2022

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Issue Contents

2R-390A Curiosities Part 3: The Product DetectorsPaolo Viappiani,
12The KZT-80: A 1930's Era Homebrew TransmitterLarry Lisle, K9KZT
18Book Review: "Wes Schum, Amateur Radio's Unsung Hero"Ray Osterwald, NØDMS
20Evolution of the Drake TR-3/TR-4 Transceivers, Part 1Jeff Covelli, WA8SAJ
29A Drake AC-4 Power Supply TesterTom Taylor, N7TM
33The Swan SS-15, SS-100, and SS-200George Misic, KE8RN
35Article Update: The 2200 - 630 Meter Junkbox RigMike Murphy, WU2D
41A Ham's Way to Fight Corona Boredom: A 4-1000A AmpBob Karon, AA6RK
45Vintage NetsER Readers,
46ER MailbagER Readers,
48ER ClassifiedsER Readers,