Electric Radio Magazine - Symbolic Publishing Company

ER #388, November/December 2021


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 The 1934 Gross Radio CB-25 Transmitter Bruce Howes, W1UJR
10 In Defence of Bill and Bob; The WS19 Dave Gordon-Smith, G3UUR
19 Short Circuits: Yet More on Snubber Networks ER Readers,
29 Book Review: Heathkit Amateur Radio Products 3rd Edition Dave Ishmael, WA6VVL
30 ER Mailbag Whit Reeve,
32 2021 Hammarlund Hullabaloo Special Event Jerry Robinson, N4KJ
33 The Hallicrafters SX-140 Receiver Dave Ishmael, WA6VVL
39 Some Improvements to the Hallicrafters SX-140 Phil Legate, ACØOB
41 The JBR-11: A Homebrew HF Receiver Mitch Mitchell, K9PNP
48 Vintage Nets ER Readers,
49 Classified Advertising ER Readers,