ER #381, March 2021


Issue Contents

2Building Grandpa's Loose Coupler: Part 1Mike Murphy, WU2DReceivers
15Hamfest Calendar: The 2021 N7RCA SwapmeetBrad Hollander, N7RCA
16Hammarlund HQ-100 Secrets Revealed: Part 2Janis Carson, AB2RAReceivers
22Restoring the Heathkit SA-2060 Roller InductorHugh Bahar, WA2LXBRestoration
27ER MailbagER Readers,
28On The Bench: Restoration TopicsER Readers, K1DFT and WØYVA
31Vintage NetsER Readers,
32Using the AN/UCG-74 Terminal in Amateur Radio RTTYRonald Boltz, K3TZJ
45The KST Receiver: A WWII German Copy of the National HROGeorge Rancourt, K1ANX
43Mixology: A Part 1 Update and Part 2Grayson Evans, KJ7UM
49Classified Advertising: Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,