ER #379, Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021


Issue Contents

2The Intercontinental Phone Patch – A Lost ArtLudewell Sibley, KB3EVNMisc.
5Simple Accessories for your Boat Anchor TransmitterMike Langston, KL7CDTransmitters
8The 1950s, Wes Schum, and Central ElectronicsNick Tusa, K5EFMisc.
14The Teletype 28: From the Navy to the Press RoonDan Jones, K6YICTransmitters
18Article Update: The 6BN6 Mixer from ER #378Grayson Evans, KJ7UMUpdates
19ER MailbagBob Sullivan, WØYVAMailbag
20A Dedicated Electrolytic Capacitor ReformerSteve Harrison, KØXPMisc.
27Vintage NetsER Readers,
28The February 2021 AWA AM QSO PartyJoe Fell, W2GMS
30The Forestphone FP-1 by Amalgamated WirelessBob Nickels, W9RANTransmitters
Classified Advertising: Vintage EquipmentER Readers, 34