ER #377, October 2020


Issue Contents

2Figuring Out RTTY in a Digital WorldDan Jones, K6YICRTTY
6Lafayette HA-90 VFO Restoration and ModificationJanis Carson, AB2RATransmitters
12A Look at the Globe HG-303Joe Eide, KB9RTransmitters
172020 Hammarlund Special EventJerry Robinson, N4JK
24A Twinplex Regenerative Receiver for 2020Noel Lukens, K3NQVReceivers
28The AN/GRC-106 in Military Service: ProblemsRon Boltz, K3TZJSurplus
32Building a Paraset Replica in Kit FormRich Shivers, K3UJ
37PhotosER Readers,
39Vintage NetsER Readers,
40Classified Advertising: Vintage EquipmentER Readers,