ER #374, July 2020


Issue Contents

2Don Stoner (W6TNS), CB, and the Lunch BoxDavid Kuraner, K2DK
9A Handy RF Signal SamplerJoe Eide, KB9R
12Finding a Mate for my Pine Board TransmitterBill Steele, W2WJS
16A Versatile Transmitting Tube TesterJohn Hurst, KU6S
23ER MailbagJoe Devonshire, AB1YO
24Testing Compactrons with a Hickok 600 (or Similar) Tube TesterMike Langner, K5MGR
28A Homebrew Collins 516F-2 Power SupplyGeorge Stevens, WØATA
31The Watkins-Johnson 8617-8618 Receivers, Part 1Paolo Viappiani,
42A Nixie-Tube Counter and Digital DialBryant Julstrom, KCØZNG
48Vintage NetsER Readers,
49Classified Advertising —Vintage Equipment Only!ER REaders,