Electric Radio Magazine - Symbolic Publishing Company

ER #373, June 2020


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 A Portable Frequency Counter Tom Marcellino, W3BYM Construction
5 Follow-Up: A One Band Kilowatt Transmiter of my Dreams Jay Miller, KK5M Transmitters
10 A Product Detector and S-Meter for the Elmac PMR-7 Pat Griffin, AA4PG Receivers
18 Cartoon QSL Card Roundup Thaire Bryant, W2APF QSL Card Roundup
20 The "Turbo" Hallicrafters HT-40 Phil Legate, ACØOB Transmitters
29 Announcements ER Readers, Misc
30 A New Approach to Receiver Front-End Design Revisited Grayson Evans, KJ7UM Receivers
40 Adventures of Picking Up a Classic Boat Anchor, Part 1 Bill Bruno, W3KBS Misc
42 The Case of the Wayward Iron Gary Halverson, K6GLH Transmitters
Stan Winston, SK Grayson Evans, KJ7UM Misc
41 Brian Carling, AF4K Marie Carling, WB4QBL Misc
47 TV-7D/U Switch Repair Bob Sullivan, WØYVL Test Equipment
48 AWA 2020 John Rollins Contest Summary Joe Fell, W3GMS Contests
50 Classifieds ER Readers, Classifieds