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ER #371, April 2020

ER #371, April 2020



Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 The Lazy 807 80/40 Meter Amplifier Tom Marcellino, W3BYM Construction
8 RCA's Model ARC-111 Communications Receiver Rob Vincent, K1DFT Receivers
22 Using a Hickok Cardamatic Tube Tester Bob Messenbrink, NBØBN Test Equipment
28 Article Update: Mechanical Filter History Ray Osterwald, NØDMS History
29 West Coast Military Radio Collectors' Meet Tim Sammons, N6CC Special Events
30 Homebrew Power Supply for the Heathkit HA-14 Amplifier Bill Bruno, W3KBS Construction
40 Vintage Nets ER Readers, Nets
41 Classified Advertising ER Readers, Classifieds