ER #370, March 2020


Issue Contents

2The EF Johnson Viking II, Part 4Janis Carson, AB2RATransmitters
10A One-Band Kilowatt AM Transmitter of my DreamsJay Miller, KK5IMTransmitters
17A Bendix MN-26C Gets a New Life!Dave Olean, K1WHSReceivers
26Mechanical Filter History: Who Actually Invented Them?Ray Osterwald, NØDMSHistory
35Hamfest CalendarER Readers,Hamfests
36Article Update: Missing EFJ Knob PegsKeith Kunde, K8KKRepairs
40Addin a Product Detector to the Elmac PMR-8Pat Griffin, AA4PGModifications
45AWA Bruck Kelly Memorial QSO Party ResultsJoe Fell, W3GMSContests
462020 Special EventsER Readers,Events
47Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
48Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Onlyh!ER Readers,Advertising