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ER #364, September 2019


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 Signal/One: A Brief History Bob Sullivan, WØYVA
6 Adding a Product Detector to the Multi-Elmac PMR-7 Pat Griffin, AA4PG
12 Restoring the Circa 1947 Globe King 275 Transmitter Dennis Petrich, KØEOO
22 ER Mailbag Nick Tusa, K5EF
23 Meet Mr. Ugly, Part 2 (A Homebrew Transmitter Series) David Vandenburg, WA8DOF
29 The Hallicrafters Classic HT-44 SSB-CW-AM Transmitter George Misic, KE8RN
32 The Men Who Have Made Radio: J.C. Maxwell A Radio Craft Reprint Series,
34 A Walk Back in Time Ches Rehberg, WB4EHU
40 The Homebrew Showcase: An All Homebrew Station Dave Bertman, AB7B
44 Vintage Nets (With Updates) ER Readers,
45 Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers,

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