ER #361, June 2019



Issue Contents

2Restoration of a Collins Type 150 TransmitterLarry Pinkston, K9HHKTransmitters
10The National NC-98 ReceiverD.S. "Jeep" Platt, K3HVGReceivers
15A National HRO-500 Restoration, Part 3Rob Vincent, K1DFTRestoration
15Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
28Another Version of the "Pine Board" TransmitterBill Steele, W2WLSConstruction
30Brass Tube Coupling SleevesJohn Hurst, KU6XRestoration
33A Ranger II Clamp Tube AdjustmentPhil Legate, ACØOBModifications
34The Heathkit DX-20: History, Repair, ModificationsJanis Carson, AB2RATransmitters
39 ER #1--30 Years Back and Forward: An Epilog Dave Kuraner,
42Cartoon QSL RoundupER Readers,QSL Roundup
43 Kokusai Mechanical Filters: An Article UpdateHiroshi Ogawa,Restoration
46Linc Cundall and Bruce Kelly AWA Event ResultsJoe Fell, W3GMSContests
49Classified AdvertisingER Readers,Classifieds

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