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ER #360, May 2019, Special 30th Anniversary Edition


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
3 ER #1 : 30 Years Back and Forward Dave Kuraner , K2DK Miscellaneous
8 The Little Hertz Reader Tom Marcellino , W3BYM Construction
12 Hallicrafters S-108 Receiver Improvements Phil Legate , ACØOB Receivers
16 The Real McCoy Transmitter Mike Bohn, KG7TR Construction
33 2019 Special Events ER Readers,
34 A National HRO-500 Restoration, Part 2 Rob Vincent, K1DFT Receivers
42 A Compactron-Based Receiver Back End Bryant Julstron, KCØZNG Construction
46 Refurbishment of a Simple Homebrew Regen Reciever Mike Bittner, W6MAB Restoration
50 ER Classifieds, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers, Classifieds