ER #360, May 2019, Special 30th Anniversary Edition


Issue Contents

3ER #1 : 30 Years Back and ForwardDave Kuraner , K2DKMiscellaneous - General
8The Little Hertz ReaderTom Marcellino , W3BYMConstruction
12Hallicrafters S-108 Receiver ImprovementsPhil Legate , ACØOBReceivers
16The Real McCoy TransmitterMike Bohn, KG7TRConstruction
332019 Special EventsER Readers,Miscellaneous - General
34A National HRO-500 Restoration, Part 2Rob Vincent, K1DFTReceivers
42A Compactron-Based Receiver Back EndBryant Julstron, KCØZNGConstruction
46Refurbishment of a Simple Homebrew Regen RecieverMike Bittner, W6MABMiscellaneous - Technical
50ER Classifieds, Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,Classifieds

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