ER #359, April 2019


Issue Contents

2A National HRO-500 Restoration, Part 1Rob Vincent,, K1DFTReceivers
7What Is “Rare?”Dave Stinson, AB5SMiscellaneous - General
8Heathkit DX-20, “The Forgotten One”Dan Cox, K8WOZTransmitters
14The Heath SB-620 PanadapterGerry Lemay, W1IDMiscellaneous - Technical
18The 2019 Heavy Metal Rally ReportER Readers,Miscellaneous - General
23A Buffer for the RAN Technology Oscillator BoardDave Parker, WB9WHGTransmitters
24 “The Quest to Become a Morning AM’er” “The Quest to Become a Morning AM’er”,Miscellaneous - General
25Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
26An Overview of Mechanical FiltersGeorge Misic, KE8RNMiscellaneous - General
30A Hybrid Cathode-Modulated TransmitterPhil Legate, ACØOBTransmitters
36Electrolytic Capacitor RebuildingJoe Eide, KB9RMiscellaneous - Technical
42ER MailbagGeorge Maier, W1LSBMiscellaneous - General
43Cartoon QSL Card RoundupER Readers,Miscellaneous - General
44The Homebrew ShowcaseJohn Beasley, WAØSTXMiscellaneous - General
45Vintage Classified Advertising!ER Readers,Classifieds

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