ER #356, January 2019

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Issue Contents

2The Transmitter That Never WasGary Halverson,Transmitters
612019 Special EventsER Readers,Miscellaneous - General
6Upgrading and Using Novice Transmitters for AMFrank Cathell,Transmitters
14TV Sweep Tubes in Amateur Radio EquipmentGeorge Misic,Miscellaneous - Technical
18Rebuilding a Heathkit HW-101 from ScratchMike Waldrop,Transmitters
26An HR-10 Filter HackMike Murphy,Modifications
29The 2019 Novice Rig Roundup,Miscellaneous - Operating
30The Spilsbuty and Tindall PRT-20 TransceiverTom Harris,Transceivers
34Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
35Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,Classifieds


ER #356, January 2019

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