ER #35, March 1992

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Issue Contents

0K8PSV,Photographs of Hams
2Reflections Down the Feedline (Taylor Modulation)Huntley,Miscellaneous - Technical
3Setting The Record StraightWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
4ATD Transmitter, ER In UniformHutchens,Military
11National NC-300 Receiver, Audio Modifications, For TheJurgens,Modifications
12Gatti-Hallicrafters: The first ham DXpeditionO'Brien,Miscellaneous - General
17W7LR,Photographs of Hams
18How To Make A Nasty Boatanchor Look Almost NewMills,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Hum ProblemWiegand,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Paint For Ham Gear, GrayBricker,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
19Vintage CW Net to Change FrequencyWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
19Vintage SSB Net .... UpdateWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Hallicrafters Skyrider SX-23, The Vintage Product ReviewKleronomos,Receivers
24KE6DN,Photographs of Hams
24N4VMV,Photographs of Hams
25NG9X,Photographs of Hams
25WA0YSGKB0HIB,Photographs of Hams
26Keep It CleanAngrhofer,Construction
29W0LHS,Photographs of Hams


ER #35, March 1992

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