ER #345, February 2018


Issue Contents

2KFS — A Century-Plus of Pioneering TraditionGary Halverson,Companies and Individuals
14The Heintz & Kaufman 936 Marine ReceiverTom Harris,Receivers
18Tom HarrisTom Marcellino,Tom Harris
21Vintage NetsER Readers,Tom Marcellino
22The EF Johnson Invader TransmittersGeorge Misic,Transmitters
282200 – 630M Junkbox Rig! Part 2, the TransmitterMike Murphy,Transmitters
37What is a Transceiver?Larry Rau, W3BYMMiscellaneous - General
40Restoration of a BC-375 from an Antique MallCharlie Liberto,Transmitters
51Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers, W6WUHClassifieds


ER #345, February 2018

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